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What You Need to Bring

Man with full head of hair and vitality with healthy woman hiking photo for Bend Vitality Clinic.

Bend Vitality Clinic isn’t for everybody, and we don’t do everything.

We help you look better, feel better, and live better … that’s our focus. And we have the people, skills, and equipment/supplies necessary to achieve that goal.

But you need to bring a few things too:

  • Desire: Some people want to get healthier, more active, and stronger … but others don’t. Our job isn’t to convince you that staying healthy as long as you are able is a good idea. Our job is to help you do that when you’re ready to put in the effort.
  • Willingness: Our procedures don’t require a whole lot of effort from you — we aren’t a gym, we’re a health clinic. That said, there will be things you need to do on your own (keep your appointments, for instance), and those tasks will be essential to your success.
  • Finances: We work with a variety of insurance plans, and we may be able to help you figure out the financial end. Just ask. If there’s one thing more valuable than wealth … it’s health.

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Our clinic is in Bend, Oregon, so you should either live in our region of the country or be willing to travel for treatments. We can use Zoom or another video conferencing tool to cut down on office visits, but your procedures will necessarily happen here in Bend. If you’re flying, be sure to bring your hiking boots. Trails are abundant in Central Oregon.

Call Bend Vitality Clinic: (541) 749-4247