Advanced Care For Men’s Health

Dr. Andy Higgins

Dr. Andy Higgins

Board Certified General Surgeon

Hello, my name is Dr. Andy Higgins and I am a board certified general surgeon in active practice for twenty years. Earlier in my career I did the spectrum of general surgery, including trauma, vascular, thoracic, laparoscopic, endocrine, pediatric, colorectal, breast cancer and major abdominal surgeries. Over time my practice has focused more on breast cancer care, hernia surgeries and office-based procedures. I have truly loved all the aspects of my practice over time.

I am now making another transition in my practice. I will continue to do breast cancer care and hernia surgery. I am now starting to change my focus from life prolonging surgical care to more quality of life issues. This transition is happening for me because as I personally get older, I feel and see more of the effects of aging. It has hit me harder of how important it is for us to enjoy how we feel from the inside out. That can also be influenced by how we see ourselves from the outside in.

Why Choose

Bend Vitality Clinic

Specializing in Men's Health

I have started the Bend Vitality Clinic with a focus on men’s health issues because I see fewer options for men. One of the things that make me feel old when I look in my own mirror is the thinning of my hair. This has been a slow and progressive process. I am sure that I am not alone in this feeling. I must admit that loosing my hair has effect my confidence. I have started down my own journey of regrowing my confidence by working on my hair health. I want to help other men with this same issue.

I also feel the aging process in other aspects of my life including my vigor and stamina as well as my libido and sexual performance. So, I have developed this center for men’s health to focus on some of those issues as well because I am sure that there are other men out there who deserve some attention to these areas of their lives. This will include testosterone balancing with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with pellets. I will also be doing Priapus Shot treatments, as taught by Dr. Charles Runnel, to improve sexual performance.

Take a look at the Bend Vitality Clinic and see if we have something to offer you that may improve your quality of life because you do not have to feel and look older than you know yourself to be.