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Testosterone Replacement



“The steady downward trend of our wellness hormones (testosterone and estradiol) begins in our 30’s!”

  • Do you feel tired frequently?
  • Does your mental clarity seem to be foggy?
  • Is your energy level low?
  • Do you have weight gain in your mid-section?
  • Has your sexual desire and/or performance declined?
  • Do you feel depressed and unmotivated?

All of these symptoms may be explained by hormone imbalances. This can be easily identified through a simple blood test.  This comprehensive evaluation will look at testosterone, estradial, thyroid hormones, micronutrients (Vitamin B12, D3, Folate, etc.) as well as a complete blood count, and comprehensive chemistry (including kidney and liver function). This may identify suboptimal levels of hormones and vital nutrients.

We adhere to the bioTE Method of hormone optimization to treat the symptoms of andropause in males and the equivalent in females, menopause. Andropause (slowly decreasing testosterone levels) will usually start as early as age 30. A man’s testosterone level will slowly decrease over time at a rate of 1-3% per year. Women have a more dramatic drop off of their testosterone levels with a 50% drop from age 20-40! These drops may be a part of the natural aging process, but they bring significant health risks in addition to the above symptoms. These health risks can include, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and cancers. We will customize a hormone optimization treatment plan for your individual needs. This may include thyroid supplementation and nutraceuticals. This goes beyond just Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) because we are optimizing a number of hormones and improving their functionality.

I have definitely modified my views about TRT for men and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women because the literature around hormone optimization’s benefits with bio-identical hormone pellets is quite extensive. There is clear improvements in lowering the risk of cardiovascular events, lowering cholesterol, acting as an insulin sensitizer, decreasing inflammation, improving muscle and bone strength, decreasing visceral fat, improving brain function and lowering the risks of breast and prostate cancer. When bio-identical hormones are delivered into subcutaneous tissue of the hip, there is a very predicable and even absorption, no increase risk of blood clots, breast cancer, heart attacks, strokes as is seen when using oral synthetic HRT with the most concerning element being progestin (synthetic hormone made from pregnant horse urine).

We are delighted to be a bioTE Method provider. Partnering with bioTE gives us access to trustworthy manufactured and rigorously testing bio-identical pellets made from yam and soy by __________. We also have access to an amazing line of nutraceuticals that have been specifically designed and balanced with a number of micronutrients through collaboration between bioTE and Thorne Research. This nutraceutical company is first in class with the highest quality standards as demonstrated with an excellent quality record with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). As well as being a NSF (independent certification) certified for manufacturing by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and NSF Sport.

We would be honored to have you come in for your health assessment including lab work and a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Andy Higgins, because we think you should feel your best and be your healthiest at any age!