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the Hormone Optimization Plan

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Is hormone optimization worth it?

There comes a point in aging when we must decide whether to keep trying to stay healthy ... or to give up and accept our fate. At Bend Vitality Clinic we know you get what you settle for. We work with those who won't settle for less than a life well lived and loved.

Check out the benefits 

We listen to you

This isn't the typical rushed visit to a doctor. This is a relaxed conversation to determine what your body needs and how to get it.

We use proven methods

You will meet with a qualified medical expert who will show you what your blood says and what today's science says about it.

We follow up with you

We don't just prescribe for you and forget about it. We follow up to make sure you are getting the desired results.

The Hormone Optimization Plan


Some people are fine with letting age rob them of energy, and some people do something about it.

  • You get a deep dive set of lab tests to help us discover the problem and get you feeling better ASAP.
  • Once the doctor reviews your lab work we meet to discuss the path forward. We listen to you and your desires.
  • Together, we determine the best strategy for you. Depending on indications, treatments can begin immediately.
  • You proceed with an individualized plan for four to six weeks, then get additional lab tests to confirm progress.
  • We discuss your results and make any adjustments needed. You should be feeling much better by then.
  • We continue to monitor your progress and field any questions you have about the individual plan you are following.

What They Say

Thank you, Doc and Staff

Thank you, Dr. Higgins and staff. Your compassion and kindness was truly appreciated! You are amazing, and I am grateful you are in my life and I am under your care. I will pray every day that God’s blessings are upon you!


If you are needing anything that Dr. Higgins could help you with, I assure you that you would be in loving, capable hands!


Thank you so very much for taking care of me and being so skilled at what you do. Every day of my life will be better because of you. Thank you is not nearly enough.


We Help You Feel Better, Look Better, and Do Better

Your investment to get the Hormone Health Plan lab work, consultation, and follow-up work is just $300. Treatment costs will vary depending on your needs and choices.

Be good to yourself. Don't wait for the cost to go up and your energy to go further down. Call us to schedule.

Ready to reap the benefits of hormone optimization? Are your willing to invest $300 in the effort to get your life back?

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